As a baby my first word was dog – no kidding! However, the excitement that erupted in my parents by my ability to point at my family dog and successfully say ‘dog’, was short lived when I immediately pointed at everything in sight and proudly proclaimed each as ‘dog’. I think this inborn ability to see dogs just about everywhere, has only continued on to my later life and considerably spurred my interest in all dog related topics.


Growing up I have always lived with dogs and known that I wanted to work with them. During my second year studying Sociology at the University of Bristol, I caved into temptation, and found my very own Springer Spaniel Lucy (aka Lucy Woo Woo – or the Original Wanderdog), who’s been my better, furrier half ever since.


Lucy is now 13 years old, and still my best friend! She has slowed down a bit after being diagnosed with hip dysplasia and arthritis, so we keep her doing short but frequent walks, lots of indoor enrichment games, and take her to hydrotherapy to do gentle impact exercise.  


After forming such a close bond with Lucy and finding that I wanted the very best for her in every way, I quickly developed my interests in dog nutrition, health and behaviour. I have since spent countless hours studying and generally researching all sorts of dog related topics. 



I began dog walking and pet sitting in 2010, in-and-around my education and full time work. I also worked in rescue centres and have fostered dogs in the past. This includes two American Cocker Spaniels - Myra and Cole. I worked with these adorable dogs until a forever family was eventually found for them.


After a few years working in office environments, I came to realise that working with dogs is my greatest passion in life, so Wanderdog was born in January 2017 as a dog walking and pet sitting business.


In January 2018, I graduated with distinction from the Victoria Stilwell Dog Trainer Academy. This was a very intensive course, that included learning directly from Victoria Stilwell herself, and other fantastic dog trainers from both the US and UK. The course allowed me the opportunity to work closely with an amazing mentor, who has over a decade worth of experience and a crazily impressive knowledge of all things dog, training and behaviour - Eryn (Believe in Magic). 


In 2020 I graduated with distinction from the University of Lincoln with a MSc in Clinical Animal Behaviour. I feel very grateful to be able to have learnt from leaders in the field of animal behaviour, such as Dr Daniel Mills the first professor of veterinary behaviour medicine. On graduation, I was also given the award for the 'most outstanding thesis' in my cohort.

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