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For puppies under the age of 20 wks

Foundational Puppy with optional follow-on intermediate group classes

Puppy Playdates - one-off puppy socials 
coming soon!

For dogs over the age of 20 wks

Rocket recallers - online & in-person classes focusing on attention and recall! 

Polite lead walkers - online & in-person classes focusing on lead walking skills with drop and leaving items! 


Scent Detective - online & in-person classes focusing on creating the best sniffer dogs! - coming soon!

Trick stars - fully in-person classes looking at various trick training and mental enrichment games! - coming soon!

Handling Superstars - online & in-person classes focusing cooperative care, handling, husbandry behaviours and confidence building for vet/ groomer visits! - coming soon!

Please see our behaviour page for any established behaviours rooted in fear, anxiety, aggression or frustration (including resource guarding or barking). This can be relevant for a puppy of any age. Any reactive behaviours such as barking at other people and dogs cannot be worked on in a group environment. It would be safe for your dog, or any other dog/ person in class. Please get in touch separately if you are concerned that you dog may bark during group sessions.

If not sure if your pup's case is training or behaviour please see here - 

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