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Puppy Play Dates

Matching up puppies for socials sessions

With trainer supervision for 4 pups (45 mins):

£25 for each puppy

This is a free service to sign up for if already a Wanderpup studying either through group or private training. We can pop you in touch with other local puppy guardians with pups of similar age, energy level or size.

We also offer an extra service of trainer supervision to make sure that socials are kept safe. With this additional service the trainer will point out body language signals that play is okay, consensual and going well. The trainer can also let you know when to take breaks in interactions and play.  

*Please note that like humans, not all puppies will get on with each other and feel safe playing. Forcing any interactions between dogs can backfire. If you are in any doubt, we recommend having a trainer there to supervise. Socialisation (just being present around other dogs), where no play or physical contact is made, is still socialisation! It's imperative that a puppy's coping levels and desire for interaction are respected.


*For any puppy socials conducted without trainer supervision Wanderdog takes no responsibility for these events. We will provide advice in the form of prior notes on safe and responsible dog play and interactions, but ultimately the interaction and the safety of the puppy is the responsibility of the caregiver.

*Trainer supervision can be held in parks local to Bermondsey

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