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Dog Tricks

Trick Stars

Fully in-person group classes - roll on classes

6 x classes in-person per course

ONLY £180

(*discount on roll on courses)

This course includes:

  • 5 x 1-hour group classes (in person at the Bermondsey Village Hall)

  • Class notes to take away 

Lead walking is a skill that needs to be taught, and often doesn't come naturally to dogs. In a world of interesting things to see and smell, it can seem sometimes like they've forgotten that someone else is attached to the other end of the lead! 

In these classes, we will look at building up the skills to walk politely on lead without dragging your arm out of its socket!

Our goal is to help your dog want to be close by and keep that lead smiley!

We book these classes based on interest: Contact us to be added to the waitlist

Dog Waving Paw

*For any reactive dogs (towards dogs/ humans/ inc children) this class wouldn't be suitable. This is for your dog's safety and the safety of other people and dogs in the class. Please get in touch with us before applying if you are concerned that your dog may react to others in the group. This could be due to over-arousal, frustration or fear.

*All training takes lots of practice away from the group class situation for optimal success. We cannot guarantee change unless training is followed and time and energy are put in by you the guardian to help your dog.  Each dog will learn at different paces. However, we will give you the tools for success...!

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