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Pet Care Testimonials

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"As most dogs owners would agree, it is always a difficult decision to choose someone to look after your precious pooch when you are not around but Kay at Wanderdog puts our mind at rest. We are very happy to trust her to look after our little dog Sisi. It is obvious from the moment you meet Kay that she has a special connection with dogs and the bond is reciprocal. Sisi loves spending time with Kay, Ben and Lucy, who treat her to long walks and fun times chasing the ball in the park. Would recommend them without hesitation to anyone who is looking for a safe, fun environment for their dog." - James & Andrea, with Sisi

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"We can’t recommend Wanderdog’s services enough. Kay is very reliable and trustworthy, she simply treats Riesling as if he were her own dog and she goes the extra mile by sending updates and pics. Kay is a wonderfully loving and caring dog sitter. Riesling's overjoyed every time she comes in to look after him." - Silvio & Anna, with Riesling

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“We trust very few people with our fur baby who is incredibly special to us. Kay is one of those few. She takes great care of Rocky so that we don't worry about him. When we leave Rocky with Kay she sends us photos and frequent updates which is very reassuring. She's also great at administering his meds. Rocky loves Kay and is clearly really happy to be with her (and I don't think it's just for her homemade organic treats)! We couldn't be happier.” - Simon & Claire, with Rocky

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"Wanderdog really could be called WonderDog (as it is run by a Wonder Woman Kay, who just came to me and my dog's rescue), it is the best dog walker (dog runner, dog sitter, dog photographer...) that 'Annie' (real name Jeanne d'Arc Earls Legend) ever had. She came to meet Annie few months ago and I have never met with such a professional approach; the presentation, the paperwork, the services on offer...she also had a detailed questionnaire, and asked about Annie's likes, dislikes, habits, routines.... some I never before thought to think of. And Annie loved her immediately.....and everything changed from then on. I thought I am a great dog keeper, as I grew up with shepherd dogs(at grandparents) German Shepherds at home, golden Labrador Retrievers (my uncle is a breeder) Dalmatians (my other uncle) I got myself a silver Toy Poodle, little girl- how hard can it be? was aaaaaaaawful! Annie crying the whole time I was out, destroying things and chewing through metal blinds....Neighbours complaining...I got talking cameras for home to speak to her because I go to work and as soon as she got in from a walk and was left again she would be crying never endingly.....but it all changed and completely stopped when Kay became Annie's dog-walker! Having cameras at home, I saw that within a week she became calm at home (almost happy, enjoying her rest time) She gets home after walks looking tired, and she always checks the flat and then happily lies down and sleeps for couple of hours, without any movement (this never happened before). When Kay gets in she greets her in a way she does not greet any of us in the flat. Also when Kay went away for her intensive dog training she put in place alternative arrangement for her replacement so I never had to stress about looking for a temporary someone... Kay is truly wonderful; she is really passionate and very knowledgeable about dogs (all dog things). She is very professional and really amazing at what she does: I do not let anyone to have Annie off the lead, but Kay is the only one I trust and asked her to let her run freely when she is with her whenever she wants to, and once when I completely forgot to leave Annie's walking kit and happily left for work, she didn't leave Annie at home as others would (as it is not safe on the streets) she actually treated Annie to a nice walk and almost 2 hour run in a distant park!

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She is not just a dog-walker; she is a true dog-lover. She has saved Annie several times on a very short notice (and she had prior engagements those evenings already). Annie is a happy calm dog in the evenings because of the care she receives from Kay.

Kay has a proper holistic approach when it comes to looking after dogs. I used to work as a nanny, and also maternity nanny, and worked in paediatric theatres before my cardiac job now, and I see that she approaches her job with the same respect and responsibility as if it was a real little human that she has in charge. When I spoke to my colleague and a friend about the advice I received from Kay (the info about how to work on her behaviour, and organic treats, and the fact that Annie was in season (so she was not going deaf and incontinent) and showed her the updates and beautiful pictures that I receive daily from Kay she exclaimed: "Your Annie has a nanny!"

Annie has a nanny! Thanks! Best dog walker on the planet!"

- Adriana, with Annie

"I am delighted with the service I received from Wanderdog - they were extremely professional and I cannot fault them. One of the many advantages of Wanderdog is that they send you updates and photos on every single walk, which always assured me that my dog was having a brilliant time (I have never seen her so happy - she definitely doesn't smile that much for me when I am trying to take a picture of her!). I have had many dog walkers in the past due to living in different locations, and I was very impressed with the variety of walks that Wanderdog provided. On each walk, Wanderdog would take my pet somewhere different, enabling her to explore new places on a frequent basis. It was very reassuring knowing that whilst I was away at work, my dog was getting all of the exercise and attention that she deserves. Wanderdog really did go above and beyond a standard dog walking service, and more importantly, they spend quality time bonding with your pet. It is not just a 'job' to them, it is a 'passion'. It is extremely unfortunate that we had to move again and can no longer benefit from their services, as I will struggle to find a dog walking service that compares to Wanderdog. I would highly recommend them to everyone!" - Kim, with Sofi

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"Kay is great with my dog Percy - I get regular photo updates and really trust her to look after him like he is her own dog. Percy loves his group walks and is always super excited to see her, I'll definitely keep using Kay!

Kay also helped advise me on Percy's behaviour, and was very flexible / caring re Percy's needs (separation anxiety). Kay really understood how much I love and worry about Percy, and I felt very confident that she'd always do what's best for him. Kay is very knowledgeable and caring, and Percy really benefited from his time with her. Thank you Kay! Hopefully he will be back in your pack soon!"

- Tess, with Percy

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"Kay is the most fantastic walker I’ve had. She would pick up my dog every day and take her for a perfect walk, and send me updated pictures. About once a week, she would take the dogs to a larger park for a couple of hours. My dog would come home so happy and exhausted! Highly recommend!!"

- Kristina, with Abby


"It's hard to find a really good dog walker but Katrina is that and more. Friendly, dependable, professional, great with Maggs, and very flexible when we've needed extra help." - Oliver, with Maggie

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"Kay has been walking our 2 year beagle over the last 3 months, and we can just say thanks to her. Our dog is not an easy one as he is still young and very energetic but she is able to handle and walk him without any issues. She has been flexible and very kind when planning the weeks ahead or when any house instruction has been given. Our dog loves her and we are so pleased to have found her walking services!" - Ferran & Laura, with Brutus

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“Kay has looked after Nuka for me on several occasions. Whilst a good natured dog she has severe anxiety issues when left alone – even at the age of 4! This is why we use Katrina whenever we are away for more than a few hours. She can get quite distressed being left and can howl but Kay looks after her very well to the point Nuka is fairly settled when meeting up with her and she seems to trust her – which is no mean feat as she watches her parents leave her! Kay remained patient with the howling and managed to get her to feel at ease. She always goes above and beyond in her care duties and is professional and dependable. I would definitely recommend her.” - Sara, with Nuka

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"Our bulldog-staffie Lola has slightly unusual needs, having lost a leg age four. Nonetheless Kay at Wanderdog has been wonderful with her, taking Lola for suitably short walks and then spending the remainder of her time enjoying the garden or playing inside. Kay is so professional, reliable, and accommodating - we have had a really excellent experience and would thoroughly recommend her services." - Rhona & David, with Lola

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"Wanderdog takes our playful and energetic puppy, Harriet, on regular walks around the Bermondsey Street area. Harriet always comes home happy and exhausted from her walks! She clearly loves her time with Kay and the other Wanderdog puppies- often dragging us to the parks she visits with Kay during the week.

Kay is amazing with communication throughout the day- sending us pictures and messages after each walk. She is completely dedicated to ensuring Harriet and the other dogs have the best time on their adventures. We are so happy we came across her and her services and I would strongly recommend the Wanderdog team!" - Rachael & Matt, with Harriet

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"Latte has been a new addition to our family and is an affectionate cat who loves company - which has made it very hard to leave when we've had to go on weekends away! Knowing that Kay is looking after him has been a great help to our peace of mind. As well as reliably taking care of his needs, she spends time keeping him company and keeps us posted on how he's doing. Latte clearly feels comfortable with Kay and we can be happy that he's in good hands. We're more than happy to recommend her." - Mark & James, with Latte

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