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Dynamic Dog Assessments

"It is considered that 80% of referred behaviour cases involve some form of painful condition"

Pain and Problem Behavior in Cats and Dogs - D. Mills - Animals 2020, 10(2), 318;

Are you concerned that your dog may have an undiagnosed discomfort, or there may be more to their behaviour than first thought?

It can be really hard for vets to always pick up on medical issues within the short period of a vet check-up. Often dogs feel over-excited, over-whelmed or fearful when visiting the vets and will act and move very differently to normal. Dogs are also very stoic so may not always respond to investigation in such an environment. 

Clinical behaviourist and dynamic dog practitioner Kay Warnes (MSc CAB) specialises in assessing gait and movement and their potential relevance to your dog's behaviour. Through this, we can build a thorough evidence-based report to share with your vet so they can ultimately see what is really going on for your dog day-to-day, make any necessary medical diagnosis and offer treatment where required.

What to expect from your:

Dynamic Dog Assessment

The deep dive - This is a 1.5-hour online session where we look at all sorts of aspects of your dog's life. Building a full picture of your dog's situation, health and lifestyle. 

Data gathering -  this is where the real work begins! We help guide you in taking the required photos and videos needed to assess your dog. 

This will include static photos of them in different positions (such as the photo to the right of the lovely bulldog), gait analysis videos, videos of your dog's movement between positions and videos of their daily life.

Data analysis - once we've collected all the required data we will carefully assess this and look for patterns in movement or any abnormalities. 

Vet report - a comprehensive veterinary report is created with evidence provided through relevant photos and videos.

Follow-up call - a 30-minute catch-up call with you to discuss any findings and explain the vet repot. This includes advice on management and training going forward based on your dog's report.


Dynamic Dog Packages


Online & In-Person Cost

1.5 hour online initial assessment

1.5 hr in-person help with data collecting

Data analysis and vet report

30-minute online catch-up


Golden Dog

Fully Online Cost

1.5 hour online initial assessment

Data analysis and vet report

30-minute online catch-up


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