Group Dog Classes in Central London


Intermediate course is our follow on course, designed for dogs who have completed our foundational training

  • 7 x sessions,  A 1.5 hour online orientation class, 2 x 1 hour online scent work classes, and 4 x 1 hour practical in-person classes at our hall

  • Modern training methods, re-visiting general cues - recall and lead walking, settle training and enrichment activities - with a strong focus on scent work 

  • Human training skills, learn about how dogs learn, different training methods (luring, shaping, capturing and targeting), how to work around distractions and build duration behaviours, the key to developing a strong bond between you and your teenage dog

Price for all 7 classes: 

Only £180


Next Course Dates:​​


Online Orientation Class – TBC

Online Scent work 1 – TBC

Online Scent work 2 – TBC

In-person classes start on – next course will be early 2022


Practical classes continue for 4 consecutive weeks


Address: Bermondsey Village Hall, Kirby Grove, London SE1 3TD (nearest transport - London Bridge Station/ Tube)


Dogs: We take 6 dogs per class to keep the class size small and provide more one-to-one advice and guidance


Dogs must have completed foundational group or private training with Wanderdog to attend

Please get in touch to book an in initial private package if you'd like to apply


Booking on: Once you have submitted your form, we will send you a confirmation email with fun details about our Wanderpups intermediate group classes!

*Please note that these classes are based on a first come, first served basis, and pre-payment in full is required to secure your dog's spot. We will hold a place for your dog for 48 hours after we have sent you an invoice.


For dogs who are fearful, anxious or reactive (barking or lunging towards) people and other dogs (even if this is through over-excitement/ frustration), these classes are not suitable. Please get in touch as we may need to assess if group class is the best environment for your dog at this stage or if private training or referral to a behaviourist may be more appropriate.


It is disturbing to other class members and neighbours of the park if dogs bark excessively. Dogs must be dog and people social, and comfortable in group situations.


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