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Private Dog

Kind and effective one-to-one training within the comfort of your own home

(for dogs over 20 weeks old only)

For our teenage and older dogs, we understand at this point some more challenging behaviours can pop up. Some are normal expressions of going through the body, mind and hormonal changes that come with adolescence. But, others may be a sign of something more tricky going on and might require some more specialist help.


30-minute online assessment call - Therefore, we start every package with an initial 30-minute Zoom call. This gives us a chance to find out a little more about any training or behaviour concerns that you have and give some immediate generalised management advice. We can also advise on which training/ behaviour package might be best for your dog going forward, and if in some cases your dog requires very specialist help we can offer advice for a referral process.


Our Teenage & Dog Packages - Over 20 wks

Peeping Dog

30 Minute Assessment Call  (online)

Our online assessment call via Zoom to better understand your dog's training or behaviour concern, and offer immediate generalised management advice based on your dog's circumstances. 


30-minute session online via Zoom = £40

'Standard' Training Package

1-hour orientation session 

3 x 1-hour practical training sessions

Sessions all at your home, online, or local to you


= £325

'Ultimate' Training Package

1-hour orientation session 

5 x 1 hour practical training sessions

Sessions at your home, online, or local to you

 = £480


Follow on training

If you need just a one-hour top-up session at your home to do a little extra training or catch up with us after a package is completed.

1-hour follow-on session

= £85

3 x 1-hour follow-on sessions

= £245

Please see our behaviour page for any established behaviours rooted in fear, anxiety, aggression or frustration (including resource guarding or barking). This can be relevant for a dog of any age.

If not sure if your dog's case is training or behaviour please see here - 


We cover a 25-minute travel radius from Bermondsey Street (SE1) for in-person sessions. We also offer online training for those further out or abroad.

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