Private Adolescent

& Adult Dog Training 

Wanderdog can help guide you through the dreaded teenage phase, or even teach your adult dog new tricks or skills...
















Choose kind & effective one-to-one training within the comfort of your own home

We can help with both teenage dogs and older dogs in need of learning new skills. 


For teenage dogs it is not uncommon for training regressions to pop up during this more challenging developmental phase.


In the same way human teenagers can have a few behavioural quirks, so can our pups before they hit social maturity. We are here to help guide you through this trickier time, and find compassionate and understanding training that works for your dog and brings more harmony back to the household or walks!


We cover a 30 minute travel radius for in-person consults and training sessions. We also offer online training for those further out.

Currently we are experiencing high numbers of requests. We have a 3-6 week wait list for any new private training. Please get in touch soon to book dates or see who we can alternatively recommend.

Adolescent  & Adult    Dog Packages 

Initial consult (requirement before any training)


During this session we can cover any questions you have about your dog's behaviour and their training going forward. We cover all sorts of helpful topics from nutrition, training methods, enrichment and dog body language and communication. 


90-120 minute session at your home, or online via zoom = £140 (save £15 doing it online)

Silver Training Package


For simple training requirements we recommend our silver package of three training sessions.   


3 x 1 hour practical training sessions at your home, or online via zoom = £220

Gold Training Package


For more complicated training needs, or multiple training requirements we recommend our gold package of 6 training sessions. 


6 x 1 hour practical training sessions at your home, or online via zoom = £420

Platinum Training Package


For those who need a little extra help with different training requirements, or for guardians who would like to mix things up with both day training sessions (one-to-one training with present guardians) and training sessions together with the guardian.


9 x 1 hour practical training sessions at your home, or online via zoom = £600

Adolescent 'Group & Private Combo' Package


This combo pack includes both private sessions for more tailored advice and training, and group sessions for the social side of learning with other fellow adolescent pups. 


90-120 minute session at your home, or online via zoom

6 x 1 hour group intermediate class sessions

3 x 1 hour practical training session

= £490

*All private training packages must start with an initial consultation


*These packages are recommended for teenage dogs (between 5 months and 2 years) but can be equally good for dogs over the age of 2. We believe dogs of all ages can benefit from some extra training now and then!


Wanderdog currently does not help with behavioural cases. These include any behaviours rooted in emotions, e.g. reactivity or aggression towards people or dogs, anxiety including separation anxiety, fearfulness, repetitive behaviors, aggression or possesiveness around food or other items. We will, however, refer you to a local vet behaviourist or qualified clinical behaviourist. Please get in touch if you would like a referral.

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