New Puppy joining your family?

Choose kind & effective one-to-one training within the comfort of your own home

We understand every puppy is an individual, so we tailor each training package specifically to you and your pup's needs!  We can help build your pup's confidence and teach them essential life skills for living in a busy city such as London.


In our puppy consults we cover every question you might have, and lots of puppy topics including:

toilet training, crate training, night-time routines, enrichment, nutrition, nipping and biting, living with kids safe and dog body language & communication


We can assist in teaching important skills in practical training sessions: 

sit, down, drop, leave it, settle, polite lead walking, attention & recall​


We can introduce your puppy to the sights, sounds and experiences London has to offer during our socialisation walks:

cafes, restaurants, shops, traffic, different means of transport, busy locations, meeting new people and other dogs 


We cover a 30 minute travel radius for in-person consults and training sessions. We also offer online training for those further out. 

Currently we are experiencing high numbers of requests. We have a 2 month wait list for any new private training (our next available consultation will be in late-September). Please get in touch soon to book dates or see who we can alternatively recommend.

New Puppy Packages 

Pre-puppy mini consult


Thinking of getting a puppy, but not sure where to start? We can help with this, from knowing where to look, how to avoid puppy farming or bad breeding practices. Whether you would like to give a rescue puppy or puppy from abroad a new home. Knowing what to ask your chosen breeder, and how to pick your puppy. What breed might be most suited to your lifestyle and what puppy guardianship might look like. We are happy to assist in any concern you might have. You can ask absolutely anything you like. We aim to help you feel completely prepared for potentially becoming a new puppy parent.


30 minute session online via zoom = £40

Pre-puppy initial consult

(requirement before any training, either pre or post)


Have you got a puppy on the way? We recommend a our pre-puppy consult to help set you and your puppy up for a successful start from the very get go. We can help make sure that you have everything you need and help set up the home ready for their arrival. We can look at where your puppy should sleep, how to navigate the first few days and nights together. We are happy to cover any concerns or worries you have about your new pup joining your family. 


90-120 minute session at your home, or online via zoom = £140

Post-puppy initial consult

(requirement before any training, either pre or post)


Has your puppy already arrived home? Now that you've met your new puppy family member, and fallen head over heels for them, we can help you with any queries that arisen and any 'teething problems' (no pun intended!) that you may have found! We can answer all your training and behaviour questions from toilet training, to that painful puppy nipping and biting to the zoomies!


90-120 minute session at your home, or online via zoom = £140

Wanderpups 'Puppy Training' Package


After your puppy consult you can opt for practical training sessions, where we can help you teach your pup all the essential skills they need to happily and safely live in London. We tailor these so you can decide what is most important to teach your puppy from recall to walking politely on the lead with prams or kids. Learning to settle so you can take them on transport or to dog-friendly restaurants.  


3 x 1 hour practical training sessions at your home, or online via zoom = £220

Wanderpups 'Social Walks' Package


For puppies under 14/16 weeks we recommend our socialisation outings. During these sessions we focus on positive, proactive, socialisation for your puppy. We look at safe and happy interactions with new people, new dogs and city living. We can help your puppy to acclimatise to traffic, getting on buses, the underground and cars. We can visit shops, pubs and cafes. During these sessions, we can also practice cues previously learnt during practical sessions such as polite lead walking and recall.​


3 x 45 minute socialisation sessions in London = £160

Wanderpups 'Puppy Ultimate' Package


This is our recommended private puppy package for those who wish to do both practical training sessions and have assistance introducing their puppy safely to London, and all the experiences they need for effective socialisation during this sensitive developmental period.  


3 x 1 hour practical training sessions at your home, or online via zoom

3 x 45 minute socialisation sessions in London

= £360 

Wanderpups 'Group & Private Combo' Package


This pack includes all the things we recommend to set your pup up for a successful start! If you would like benefits of both private help and group class this package covers your puppy for both. 


1 hour pre- or post-puppy private consult 

6 x 1 hour group puppy class sessions

2 x 1 hour practical training sessions

1 x 45 minute socialisation session in London 

= £420

Wanderpups 'Ultimate Combo' Package


Fancy going full out for your puppy's training and socialisation journey, with full private and group class support? We recommend this package for you!


90-120 minute session at your home, or online via zoom 

6 x 1 hour group puppy class sessions

3 x 1 hour practical training sessions

3 x 45 minute socialisation sessions in London 

= £650


*All private training/ social walks packages must start with a pre- or post-puppy consult


*All puppy packages are available only to puppies under 20 weeks old (5 months). See training for adolescents for 5 months and above

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