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Rocket Recallers!

Mix of online and in-person group classes! 

2 x online classes
2 x classes in-person

ONLY £120

Does it feel like your dog has selective hearing sometimes?

Do they shoot off with no regard for you the moment they get released from the lead?


Does it take much longer than you would like to get them back on lead?


If you answer yes to any of these questions this course is for you!

This course includes:

  • 4 x 1-hour group classes (2 x online via Zoom/ 2 x in-person in a local park to Bermondsey)

  • Class notes to take away & recordings of the online classes

Recall is arguably the most important cue you need to teach your dog, for their safety, yours and for others around you. This course looks at creating an effective recall using only positive, force-free methods.

However, to teach a 'rocket recall' this should start with a low distraction level, at home. We want to set your dog up for the greatest success by making it simple for them to initially learn this new skill. Then we add in those pesky distractions of the outside world, especially other dogs in the environment! 

Our goal is to help your dog want to rush back to you no matter what the distraction!

We book these classes based on interest: Contact us to be added to the waitlist

*For any reactive dogs (towards dogs/ humans/ inc children) this class wouldn't be suitable. This is for your dog's safety and the safety of other people and dogs in the class. Please get in touch with us before applying if you are concerned that your dog may react to others in the group. This could be due to over-arousal, frustration or fear.

*All training takes lots of practice away from the group class situation for optimal success. We cannot guarantee change unless training is followed and time and energy are put in by you the guardian to help your dog.  Each dog will learn at different paces. However, we will give you the tools for success...!

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