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Sisi’s Easter Bank Holiday Stay with Wanderdog

Our Wanderdog Sisi is an extraordinarily sweet two-year-old Cockapoo, who just moved over from the Rockies in Canada! We had the pleasure of her company over the Easter bank holiday weekend, and boy did we have a blast!

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On her first day, we decided to take a road trip down to the beautiful Surrey Hills, labelled on Google maps as ‘an area of outstanding beauty’ (and Google did not lie!) We arrived in the afternoon, and started with a quick pub lunch in a dog-friendly pub called the Penny Black ( After some food, we begun our chosen route, the Mole Gap Trail ( We made our way from Leatherhead town, through meandering countryside, all the way to Dorking. It was a beautiful hike with open fields, wooded pathways and a flowing stream to follow. After a few a hellos to fellow dog walkers, we eventually made it to Dorking station, where we hopped on a train and travelled back to Leatherhead. It’s safe to say by the time we made it home, we had two tired doggies!

The next day, we wondered to ourselves how could beat our walkies in Surrey, so we took a road-trip to Dover. After a quick pub lunch at The White Horse (, also labelled the ‘channel swimmers pub’ due to the abundance of messages across the walls and ceilings, written by everyone who has completed a swim across the English Channel. All ready for our walk, we ascended the steep climb up to the white cliffs of Dover. Once there, the views were spectacular! We we’re incredibly lucky that the sun was shining, and there was absolutely no wind. We had a beautiful stroll along the cliffs, meeting all sorts of other dogs including some beautifully elegant Corgis. Once we reached the lighthouse in the distance, we had a little break and gave the dogs some much deserved treats, water and cuddles. We admired the views for a while, and laughed that our phones had re-connected to a French mobile network! Ironic, as Sisi’s owners were on a weekend break in Paris! We trekked all the way back across the cliffs, while we were still fortunate to have good sunshine, before driving all the way back into central London. Another evening to celebrate having two satisfied and exhausted doggies!

On Sisi’s third day with Wanderdog, we decided to stay more local. We took the underground train from London Bridge to Clapham Common. Armed with our pink chuck-it-stick, and a couple of bright orange and blue balls, we entertained both Lucy and Sisi on the common. Who knew Sisi had so much energy and passion for chasing balls! We continued on our journey toward Battersea, stopping off for a very tasty lunch at another dog-friendly pub called The Victoria ( After a little break and some water for the dogs, we continued our walk towards Battersea Park. Here we wandered around the circumference of the park, and played some more games throwing and chasing balls. Sisi also had great fun running over to the large pond with fountains that sprayed over to the pavement.

All in all, we had a fabulous Easter weekend of Wanderdog adventures with Lucy and Sisi! We look forward to looking after Sisi again in the future!

Wanderdog, dog walking, pet sitting, bermondsey, se1, se16, southwark

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