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Group Puppy Classes in Central London - Bermondsey


Foundational level classes for puppies

Foundational level: 6 x 1 hr sessions: A 1-hour online orientation class + 5 x 1-hour practical in-person classes in our hall or the park during the summer months

Modern training methods: marker training, sit, down, settle, drop, leave it, loose lead walking, attention & recall

Important city life skills: I can be calm, I have confidence and like to be touched, I have self-control, I can listen, I am allowed to be a dog

Puppy topic advice: puppy socialisation, appropriate puppy play, body language and communication, toilet training, separation training, nipping & biting, crate training, sleeping through the night, nutrition & preventing resource guarding


Intermediate level classes for teenagers!

Only available to those pups who completed foundational (group or private)

Intermediate level: 5 x 1 hr sessions: A 1-hour online orientation class sent in advance of starting the course, a 1-hour online scent work games class live on Zoom, 3 x 1-hour practical in-person classes in our hall or the park during the summer months

Confidence-building skills: one class dedicated to puppy agility and proprioception and another to scent work in person (to add to the skills learnt online)

The practice of previously learnt life skills in the real world: one class dedicated to a social session where we practice lead walking skills, recall and settling in a public place (e.g. visiting a large park together before resting in a cafe)

Teenage topic advice: teenage behaviour to expect and how to deal with this tricky period, appropriate greetings with humans and other dogs, health and behaviour advice  

Foundational alone


Intermediate alone


Foundational + Intermediate Package

Only £315

Next Foundational Course Dates

Indoor Weekday Classes - Bermondsey Village Hall

Tuesday 23rd July - Online Orientation Class - 7 pm

Practical sessions from Wednesday 24th July- 7 pm (one week break on July 31st)

up to 20 weeks (DOB - 5th Mar 24) - 1 spot available

Tuesday 3rd September - Online Orientation Class - 7 pm

Practical sessions from Wednesday 4th September- 7 pm (one week break on October 2nd)

up to 20 weeks (DOB - 16th Apr 24) - space available

Please send in a form to enquire about additional courses we plan to book 

Intermediate course dates will be set when we have 4-6 pups completed on Foundational level ready for the course

Address: Bermondsey Village Hall, Kirby Grove, London SE1 3TD (nearest transport - London Bridge Station/ Tube)


Puppies: We take 6 puppies per class to keep the class size small and provide more one-to-one advice and guidance


Pups must have received their first vaccination 1 week before starting the course. If classes are outdoors, pups need to be fully vaccinated or kept on an oversized picnic blanket and carried to and from class (possible for the first 2 practical sessions).


Booking on: Once you have submitted your form, we will send you a confirmation email with details about our upcoming available Wanderpups group classes

*Please note that these classes are based on a first-come, first-served basis, and pre-payment in full is required to secure your pup's spot. We will hold a place for your puppy for 48 hours after we have sent you an invoice.


*For puppies who are particularly fearful, anxious or reactive towards people and other dogs, please get in touch before booking. We may need to assess if a group puppy class is the best environment for them at this stage or if private may be more appropriate - please see the terms and conditions below for more information.

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