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Vet Behaviour, Rehab & End of Life Care

The London Behaviour Vet - Dr. Charlie & Hannah


Dr. Charlie is a qualified veterinary surgeon with a Post Graduate Masters in Companion Clinical Behaviour, so unlike many behaviourists, they will be able to assess your animal from a veterinary perspective and as a behaviourist.


He is fully accredited with the APBC and currently working towards becoming an RCVS Advanced practioner in Companion Animal Behaviour.

Dr. Charlie is also certified through 'Fear Free', which includes vets and other pet professionals working towards looking after the pet's physical wellbeing as well as their mental and emotional wellbeing. Taking the stress and fear out of vet visits.  


Hannah, is a clinical animal behaviourist with a masters in clinical animal behaviour from Lincoln University. Hannah is accredited with APBC and qualified as a dog trainer through PACT. Hannah also previously worked as a dog trainer for Wanderdog.

Wanderdog works closely with The London Vet Behaviour Clinic, and is happy to offer training assistance working alongside their behavioural plans provided for you.


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London Vet Rehab - Laura & Silvia


Holistic veterinary surgeon Laura and veterinary nurse Silvia run London Vet Rehab across the whole of London. They offer mobile hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, acupuncture and holistic medicine for both dogs and cats.

Wanderdog can highly recommend their services, having had their assistance for our own dog Lucy who suffers from hip dysplasia and chronic arthritis. The convenience of having them come to you at your own home is invaluable, especially as it is so hard to find good hydrotherapy and other holistic veterinary practices in central London. 

Both Silvia and Laura are incredibly passionate about what they do, and take the time to make sure your dog is having a good experience through their rehabilitation. 

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FLOWMOTION - Bow, London


We highly recommend the lovely and very skilled Gina, Martina and Eleanor of Flowmotion for expert hydrotherapy, massage and physiotherapy. Their centre is convienently based in central London, near Bow Road Station. They have one of the largest state of the art 'heated' swimming pools in the UK, to help dogs with all sorts of joint issues or rehabilitation. However, equally the pool can be used for general fitness and health, or even just as a fun new activity for mental stimulation!

They have a wonderful holistic approach to the care of dogs in the centre, where dogs are made to feel relaxed and comfortable at every step of process. The swimming is also made fun with treats and toys! 

See left for a photo of our Lucy having a ball in the pool with Eleanor!

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Autumn Animals - Sieske Valk


Autumn Animals provides holistic End of Life care for your companion animal in the comfort of your own home. From that first diagnosis to the final goodbye, and the emotional times that follow, we will support you in this journey, so you don't feel alone and out of your depth.


Autumn Animals offers in-home veterinary care by Registered Veterinary Nurses, supplementary therapies such as acupuncture and osteopathy, respite care and End of Life Doula support throughout.


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Animal Therapy - Chelsea Rubinat


Chelsea is an animal osteopath based in London and travelling from house to house to provide animals with gentle, non-intrusive & drug-free treatments. Her practice is entirely manual and consists in restoring movement to the physical structures that encounter struggle and restore a healthy balance. For this, she uses various procedures including structural manipulations, visceral treatments, myofascial and craniosacral techniques, as well as stretches and exercises to ensure the well-being of every animal she treats.


If your pet has difficulty moving, is a little more grumpy than usual, shows signs of discomfort or pain, has been through surgery and needs post-operative care, or is simply aging and needs support to spend their golden days comfortably, Chelsea will be able to set up an osteopathic diagnosis followed by a treatment that will rehabilitate or preserve the health of your beloved animal. 


Animals, just like humans, require regular check-ups and Chelsea has worked with many different species, mainly dogs, cats, and horses, but also rabbits, cows and even chicken!


Her natural methods are adapted to every individual and beneficial in every situation, whether to ensure close monitoring of a specific pathology or ensure the physiological and mental well-being of the animal. 



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Toni Trains Dogs - Cooperative Care Training 


Our lovely trainer Toni also runs her own training services specialising in cooperative care handling for dogs. Cooperative Care is an area of dog training that teaches animals to be active and willing participants in their own care. This could include harness training, training for grooming practices (from brushing to nail clipping), or preparing your dog for certain types of veterinary handling.

We recommend this type of training for every dog, from puppies with no prior learning experience (setting them up for confidence in the future), or dogs who have already formed some negative perceptions of these handling practices.

Toni is fully qualified through PACT as a dog trainer, but is also qualified in cooperative care through Fenzi Dog Sport Academy (Gold Level). 


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