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"My puppy, Bertrand, took the Wanderpups foundation class with Kay and Ben. As someone who has a PhD in animal behaviour, I cannot recommend the Wanderpups class more – it was truly outstanding and a must for all new puppy owners. Kay’s classes incorporate all the latest and best research on dog behaviour and training.  In addition to the basics like sit and ‘come’ and teaching positive reinforcement and clicker techniques, Kay also covers important topics such as how to read dog body language and how to set up enrichment activities for your puppy, which is so important for their cognitive development and quality of life. There are also lots of great tips for how to deal with common puppy problems such as jumping up or picking up litter on the street. Class was managed extremely well, with visual barriers between each puppy and chewy/ licky treats and snuffle mats given to each puppy on arrival so that they could settle down in the very exciting class environment. We were also provided with extensive notes and online resources after each class so that we could work on our training at home too. The only downside to attending Wanderpups is that it was a real challenge to get home afterwards as my puppy didn’t want to leave! Thanks Kay for an awesome class!"


Claire, with Bertrand

Foundational Wanderpups


"Kay and Hannah at Wanderdog's have been incredible with our puppy Barney. They have been there from very early on in Barneys life with us and have helped us with multiple scenarios that have cropped up with having our first puppy. We have used them for training and dog walking and once we are able to, will be booking in for dog sitting too. Barney is so happy when he spend time with them and they both have so much passion and care for what they do and the dogs involved. I have felt reassured, safe and supported with all of their guidance and I feel very lucky to have found them so early on in our journey of dog life! I cannot recommend them enough and our most recent 3 week puppy recall course was not only hugely beneficial for Barneys recall training but also strengthened the bond between Barney and us. They are both very professional and so knowledgeable but hugely caring at the same time. Thank you for everything!"


Megan & Sam, with Barney

Private Puppy Package & Online Recall Course

"Is it possible to give more than 5 stars?! Kay was so helpful not only with the training but helping me cope with bringing home a puppy as a single dog mum. We have done both the private training and group puppy class and she has helped set my puppy to become a confident dog. She went above and beyond with her general advice especially when my pup had a poor tummy. She passed on so much knowledge not only about training but also advice on the general well being of a dog. 😘🥰"


Sarah, with Michael 

Private Puppy Package & Foundational Wanderpups

"Couldn't recommend Wanderdog enough! Kay is absolutely fantastic and such a lovely person who only brings positive vibes to your puppy. We had Kay come over to the house and give us private 121 sessions and our little Ruby learnt so much. Very affordable and highly recommended. If you're looking to get a dog trainer. Look no further than Wanderdog!"


Marco and Annie, with Ruby​

Private Puppy Package

"I would highly recommend Kay's course. From the start until the end of the course Kay and her colleagues have supported us in class and outside of class. You can tell Kay really loves dogs and she has such a positive attitude! Taking part in the course is the best thing we have done for our puppies and we have noticed such a big change in our puppies and we are so glad that we took part in the course. Thank you so much Kay!!!"


Robyn & Tess, with Humphrey & Buttercup

Foundational Wanderpups

"Wanderdog really could be called WonderDog (as it is run by a Wonder Woman Kay, who just came to me and my dog's rescue), it is the best dog walker (dog runner, dog sitter, dog photographer...) that 'Annie' (real name Jeanne d'Arc Earls Legend) ever had. She came to meet Annie few months ago and I have never met with such a professional approach; the presentation, the paperwork, the services on offer...she also had a detailed questionnaire, and asked about Annie's likes, dislikes, habits, routines.... some I never before thought to think of. And Annie loved her immediately.....and everything changed from then on. I thought I am a great dog keeper, as I grew up with shepherd dogs(at grandparents) German Shepherds at home, golden Labrador Retrievers (my uncle is a breeder) Dalmatians (my other uncle) I got myself a silver Toy Poodle, little girl- how hard can it be? was aaaaaaaawful! Annie crying the whole time I was out, destroying things and chewing through metal blinds....Neighbours complaining...I got talking cameras for home to speak to her because I go to work and as soon as she got in from a walk and was left again she would be crying never endingly.....but it all changed and completely stopped when Kay became Annie's dog-walker! Having cameras at home, I saw that within a week she became calm at home (almost happy, enjoying her rest time) She gets home after walks looking tired, and she always checks the flat and then happily lies down and sleeps for couple of hours, without any movement (this never happened before). When Kay gets in she greets her in a way she does not greet any of us in the flat. Also when Kay went away for her intensive dog training she put in place alternative arrangement for her replacement so I never had to stress about looking for a temporary someone... Kay is truly wonderful; she is really passionate and very knowledgeable about dogs (all dog things). She is very professional and really amazing at what she does: I do not let anyone to have Annie off the lead, but Kay is the only one I trust and asked her to let her run freely when she is with her whenever she wants to, and once when I completely forgot to leave Annie's walking kit and happily left for work, she didn't leave Annie at home as others would (as it is not safe on the streets) she actually treated Annie to a nice walk and almost 2 hour run in a distant park!


She is not just a dog-walker; she is a true dog-lover. She has saved Annie several times on a very short notice (and she had prior engagements those evenings already). Annie is a happy calm dog in the evenings because of the care she receives from Kay.

Kay has a proper holistic approach when it comes to looking after dogs. I used to work as a nanny, and also maternity nanny, and worked in paediatric theatres before my cardiac job now, and I see that she approaches her job with the same respect and responsibility as if it was a real little human that she has in charge. When I spoke to my colleague and a friend about the advice I received from Kay (the info about how to work on her behaviour, and organic treats, and the fact that Annie was in season (so she was not going deaf and incontinent) and showed her the updates and beautiful pictures that I receive daily from Kay she exclaimed: "Your Annie has a nanny!"

Annie has a nanny! Thanks! Best dog walker on the planet!"


Adriana, with Annie

Dog Walking 

"Kay was amazing training Lockie this summer. As both me and my partner was new to getting a dog we decided training was needed and couldn’t recommend Wanderdog enough. We learnt so many valuable skills to allow us to continue to train Lockie and allow him to be the perfect City dog. Lockie loved his training sessions, and you could really see him improving every single session. Thanks so much!"

Matt, and Lockie

Private Foundational Training 


"My Cockapoo puppy and I completed the Foundational Puppy Training course with Wanderdog! Absolutely brilliant advice and teaching. Even though I had a family dog growing up, I’d forgotten everything and it was refreshing and exciting to see how far dog training has come with focus moving away from telling off the dog and much more education and awareness of their behaviour and psychology along with solid practical techniques. Modern, positive and fun. Highly recommend for anyone with a new puppy!"

Emily, with Monty

Foundational Wanderpups

"Kay and the Wanderdog team have been absolutely fantastic in supporting us with our puppy Mio. Her training has helped her to become a more confident and calm puppy, and we couldn’t be happier with her progress so far. Kay has been extremely kind to provide her guidance on Mio when we have questions. I would 100% recommend Wanderdog to anyone with a new pup looking to get the very best start!"


Robbie & Kayleigh, with Mio​

Kindergarten, Foundational & Intermediate Wanderpups 


"Kaye and the team have been fantastic helping our labradoodle learn some essential skills. The individual and group trainings have been run really well, and the techniques have always worked with her. Would highly recommend."

Jonathan, with Summer

Private foundational training & Intermediate Group Classes

"Kay and Hannah have been a critical part of our puppy training experience and I would highly recommend them to anyone! Kay and Hannah are both extremely knowledgeable in dog training and their methods (positive reinforcement) have really helped us on our new adventure owning a pup!" 

Kristen, with Leo

Private Foundational Training 


"Fantastic courses, Kay and Toni are really knowledgeable and great teachers. A great mix of tricks, tips and general life skills - we thought we knew all we needed from online research but learned a lot more from Wanderdog. I'd thoroughly recommend them to anyone with a new dog!" 

Duncan, with Cinder

Foundational & Intermediate Group Classes

"I had a 1:1 consultation with Kay for my labradoodle puppy and it was a great experience. It affirmed some of the techniques I had been using, and she had wonderful tips for parts of training I felt less certain on. She also shared helpful insight on K9 body language, nutrition, toys and chews! Would absolutely recommend the 1:1 consultation."

Samantha, with Mucker 

Private Consultation


"We did the puppy training course and it was absolutely invaluable. It's amazing how much more you learn from a properly structured course, in person, with a professional, compared to just using books or videos online! Kay really went above and beyond to answer our questions, show us where we were going wrong, and giving us extra advice on things like separation anxiety, potty training, crate training and so much more. Our little pup has done so so well. I would recommend this course to absolutely everyone who has a new puppy, and we will certainly be doing the next course with ours."

Rebekah, with Maple

Foundational Puppy Class

"Our cockapoo Remi recently completed the 6-week Wanderpups course and we highly recommend it. The trainer, Kay, was friendly and communicative, while her expertise on various issues was always helpful. We now have loads of training games and routines for Remi to work on. The socialisation opportunities provided by the course were really useful for helping him overcome his early shyness. While it is a small-group class, there is lots of 1-to-1 time to discuss particular problems or concerns. Overall a great experience!"


Edward, with Remi

Foundational Wanderpups

"Kay is a lovely lady, who has helped me and my puppy so much. I had a naughty pup, who enjoyed biting me, more than his toys, but that has all changed now, and apart from the odd accident, he is house trained, this is because Kay trained me how to teach my puppy correctly. I would recommend Wanderdog, to everyone and anyone!"


Tracey, with Bodhi

Private Puppy Package

"We took the awesome class for puppies. Our three to four month old whippet Taco loved it and learned some really useful life skills, as well as getting the chance to socialise with lots of other pups and people. The first, humans only, session is great as well. Really informative and interesting approach to training dogs and loads of good advice and information. And generally it’s a lovely, informal environment where you don’t feel embarrassed if your pup misbehaves!"


Laura, with Taco

Foundational Wanderpups

"A great, friendly and safe puppy course covering all the essentials to help you get off on the right foot with your new furbaby. Kay was absolutely wonderful, even providing me with email support on separate issues I was having with my puppy, which was invaluable! Hannah was also very helpful in giving me individual advice during classes."


Lucy, with Pimms

Foundational Wanderpups

"I took my cockapoo puppy to these classes and they were SO HELPFUL. She was able to get lots of socialisation and I was able to learn about how to train her, and how to make it enjoyable for both of us. Each class is broken down into digestible parts to work on a few training items each week. In addition, there is always a summary email and material following each session so you can work on the material in between classes. Overall, highly recommend!!."


Leisa, with Madison

Foundational Wanderpups

"Kay did a wonderful job of helping us improve our pup's recall, focus and lead pulling. She is always warm, friendly, punctual and sends plenty of supporting notes on what is covered in each session. We are very happy with the service and recommend her highly. :)"


Arianna, with Milo

Private Puppy Package

"Kay and Ben are wonderful trainers and a pleasure to spend our Wednesday evenings with. Jessie our 5 month old Cockapoo loved her time training and couldn't wait to go back every week. It's not just the hour's class, Kay makes sure to send through notes and additional points after every class which makes training throughout the week so much easier. Couldn't recommend highly enough.."


Michael, with Jessie

Foundational Wanderpups

"Couldn't recommend puppy classes with Kay more!! The classes were super helpful and really fun for us and for the pups! Kay and Hannah were really knowledgeable and made the experience so enjoyable! They were really great at running the classes socially distanced and making sure we were all comfortable throughout. Thank you so so much, we hope we can make it back for intermediate classes if we haven't moved by then.."


Isabelle, with Nara

Foundational Wanderpups

"We attended the 6 week Wanderpups training program for pups under 6months of age. The training was comprehensive and effective week on week. Kay and her team are great with dogs. You are given individual advice and tips based on the needs of your puppy, in addition to the group training activity. Above all, my puppy had fun and ran into the Sunday morning classes with much exuberance 😊!!!."


Nirosh, with Cody

Foundational Wanderpups

"Our cocker spaniel, Carlos, has completed Kay’s puppy classes and we highly recommend her and the team at Wanderdog. Well structured classes with a great atmosphere, and both Carlos and I leaned a lot. Kay and her team provide brilliant coaching and excellent 1-1 training during the group sessions. Carlos loves it and we are very excited about the intermediate classes! I recommend Wanderdog to everyone, thank you, Kay and team! :)."


Christina, with Carlos

Foundational Wanderpups

"Can't say enough good things about the puppy class we did with our border terrier Stevie. All the trainers are ace! We learned a lot and had fun too! Highly recommend. THANKS WANDERDOG!."


Emma, with Stevie

Foundational Wanderpups

"I can’t recommend Wanderdog enough! Our Cavapoo Toby has completed the puppy classes and the private intermediate classes, and has absolutely loved both!! It’s been such a great experience and we have both learnt so much! It has been so lovely seeing Toby learning and enjoying himself, he really loves his time with Kay!!"


Lucy, with Toby​

Foundational Wanderpups & Private Puppy Training

"The classes are fun for puppies to socialise and useful to learn tips on how to train your puppy, especially for newbie paw parents !
The detailed notes, demos and videos after class really help in practising the information received in class in real life outside the class. Most importantly, Kay and Toni were both fantastic with the pups.
Maybe just fewer treats in the class if that’s at all possible - mine never wanted to go home seeing it as her palace of treats ! 😁"


Priyanki, with Kishmish​

Foundational Wanderpups 

"We signed our Shiba Inu Kobe up for Puppy Kindergarten classes at Wanderdog to ensure he could learn good socialisation skills during his critical learning window at 10-12 weeks. Kay and Toni were very friendly and provided some great tips over the sessions, and provided a safe space for the puppies to learn and play. I would definitely recommend Wanderdog, and look forward to puppy park socials, which sound like a lot of fun!"


Michele, with Kobe​

Kindergarten Wanderpups 

"Kay was extremely professional, detailed and organized. The reward techniques she uses made Henry look forward to seeing her each session and he always learned something new before she left. Henry made a ton of progress after just four sessions. The notes and guidance provided after each session are also super helpful. Would definitely recommend Wanderdog to anyone with a new dog in their life!"


Jon, with Henry​

Private Puppy Training 

"As a first time puppy owner I had and still have a lot questions. Kay came to my house to meet me and my puppy Shlomi. She took time to explain everything very thouroghly and structured. In her calm way she took away my fears and worries. The puppy consultation was very helpful and I feel much more confident as a dog mum :) And Shlomi fell in love with her too"


Nora, with Shlomi

New Puppy Initial Consult

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